The Tombstone Cookbook makes you feel like you’re sitting in the kitchen with the chef and author listening to her tell stories of the history of a lawless town as she prepares a meal.  This is one of Monahan’s most ambitious–and certainly most satisfying–books.  She’s the author of a number of cookbooks and of the popular food column in True West Magazine, Frontier Fare.

The Tombstone Cookbook is a chatty and lushly photographed collection of more than seventy-five easy-to-follow recipes, with lots of engaging storytelling from the infamous town of the Wild West.  The book is divided into logical sections beginning with full-page displays of alluring dishes with the recipes following. 

In the section, “Breakfast and Bread,” readers will find recipes for baking powder biscuits, buttermilk hotcakes, and Mississippi cornbread.  The recipes offered for lunch include various soups from oyster to tomato and stews from mulligatawny to chicken gumbo.  The dinner recipes are equally as appetizing and feature dishes such as strip steak, roast beef, and ham with champagne sauce.  And for dessert, there are recipes for Boston crème pie, marble cake with chocolate fudge icing, and a delicious cookie called cinnamon stars.  

The Tombstone Cookbook: Recipes and Lore from the Town Too Tough To Die is enlightening and mouthwatering.