Western Writers of America’s first nonfiction anthology entitled Why Cows Need Cowboys and Other Seldom-Told Tales from the American West features twenty seldom-told tales that will delight book lovers from seven to seventy.  In this entertaining volume, readers meet extraordinary characters, like a young buffalo hunter of prehistoric times, riders for the Pony Express in the 1860s, the first African American female stagecoach driver, and the Navajo code talkers of World War II.  

You’ll learn many things reading Why Cows Need Cowboys.  Did you know that, in 1821, a Plains Indian girl trekked 1,400 miles to visit Washington, D. C.?  Or that two brave children, eight and ten years old, took part in the Texas Revolution?  Tales in this anthology range wide in time, topic, and mood, yet all celebrate a spirit that is uniquely Western.  

More than two dozen bestselling and award-winning authors contributed to Why Cows Need Cowboys.  Peppered with historic photographs that enhance the stories, this book is guaranteed to prompt discussions between children and parents.  It does a top-notch job of pulling readers into history.