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Equine enthusiast and author Cathy Woods has loved horseback riding for many years.  Not only is she an avid trail rider but she’s also a devotee of yoga.  In the book Yoga for Riders, Woods combines those passions to enable rider and horse to better connect to one another and build the undeniable bond between them.  

The use of yoga postures to support equestrians through increased flexibility, strength, and balance are well covered in Yoga for Riders, but there’s so much more.  The unique program outlined in the highly illustrated book guides readers through the steps to developing balance and symmetry while in the saddle.  

The first half of Yoga for Riders is all about understanding yoga and its application to horsemanship.  A chapter on the joy of truly connecting with a horse is particularly informative.  Woods describes ways to enrich the partnership between horse and owner., which can be realized while grooming or feeding the animal or simply sharing space with them while cleaning tack.  Learning to bond with the horse while performing such tasks will translate well to the saddle.  Horse and rider develop an understanding with one another. 

Specific breathing techniques and meditation techniques are also included in Yoga for Riders.  The detailed exercises are designed to help all equine lovers become more aware and relaxed, which will make for a more joyful experience. 

Anyone seeking to intensify their relationship with their horse will appreciate Yoga for Riders.