straplets cowgirl magazine

You don’t have to get new boots to change up your footwear. Straplets are boot and shoe accessories whose studs, stones, and buckles can totally change your outfit’s vibe. They can be worn and removed with ease, making for unlimited style options!

“The idea for Straplets began just after I graduated from law school.” Emily Kenison, Founder and CEO of Straplets, has said. “I was about to start my brand new job at a law firm and decided to treat myself to a new pair of pumps that I had been eyeing for some time. During my first week on the new job, while trying to make a good impression, my shoes kept slipping and flip flopping. The worst part was when I slipped right out of one shoe and stumbled in front of my co-workers. I blushed ten shades of red.”

“I sat at my desk, with my shoes off, wishing I had bought heels with a mary-jane strap or a criss-cross strap, really any heel with a strap, instead of these overpriced pumps, when it came to me, my “A-Ha!” moment. Why not just make detachable straps to go over your pumps, to keep your foot in the shoe, plus give it another look. Make a strap for your shoe. So simple.”

Want your own Straplets? Check out their website here!