american bonfire co cowgirl magazine

“My roots run deep in the Western world. Growing up on a cattle ranch in California taught me true grit and working hard. Love for our country, for freedom. I have always been one to seek adventure – it excites my soul. 

I am also super passionate about bringing light into the world. It is important that the company that I represent encompasses all of this – Do good, love your country, love The Man Upstairs, say YES to whatever adventure is put forth before you. I truly believe if you work to bring light into people’s lives, good things happen. It was super important to me that the company represented who I am.”

“I’ve always LOVED Bonfires! Getting under the STARS. I even love the smell, This ultimately influenced my desire to name the company, American Bonfire Co. 

American Bonfire Co was founded in 2017. I originally started with trucker hats, but quickly transitioned into sunglasses. 

Part of this was driven by my life experience of needing a pair of sunglasses that worked in my active life, but also was fashionable and didn’t fall OFF!”

“For those first couple of years, I was hustling this business in the barn on my property. Boxing products on my own, selling everything. 2020 was the turning point. I got to the point where I could outsource the shipping, which also led to crossing into the wholesale market.

I feel like a big part of my success has been the incredible connections that I have made along the way, Jane Kasper has been my mentor and inspiration. And having good friends in the Country Music industry as well as the rodeo world.”

Here we are in 2022 and I could never have imagined American Bonfire would be global! It thrills me to know people all over the world are trusting American Bonfire to be the lens they choose to experience life in.” – Casey Yeakey, Founder and Owner of American Bonfire Co.