GF Two Socks (Deputy)……

When you combine rich equine history with a passion for horses of all disciplines, you create the amazing opportunity that is the Bots Sots Remount. Sheridan, Wyoming has long been a vast contributor to the horse population of the region, ranging from Indian ponies, work horses, cavalry remounts, ranch horses and polo ponies that have all been raised from the rich prairie grasses by every variety of horseman. Bots Sots Remount was created to honor the appreciation for all varieties of horses.

The wide range and quality of horses for this year’s sale will not disappoint! Below are just a handful of the choices, and you can see all of the horses for sale here.

Metallic Remedy (Remy)
Frenchmans Easy Buck (Rowdy)
Chexy Son of a Gun (Flash)
GF Two Socks (Deputy)

Promising to be the most unique of its kind in America today, this horse sale brings together a wide array of options including elite rope horses, polo ponies, charro horses and ranch geldings. Starting with a soft preview of the horses for sale on May 31, 2019 and sale itself on June 1, 2019, block these dates out on your calendar to be a part of this special opportunity. You can find more information about the sale dates and times here.