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Find Your Dream Horse at Bots Sots Remount

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Find Your Dream Horse at Bots Sots Remount A "heap good" horse sale in Sheridan, Wyoming featuring excellence in all Equine disciplines.

From long before white men set foot on the western frontier, the region surrounding present day Sheridan Wyoming has been a virtual Garden of Eden for horseflesh. Indian ponies, work horses, cavalry remounts, ranch horses and polo ponies have been raised from the rich prairie grasses by every variety of horseman. It is in this spirit of appreciation for all variety of horse that the Bots Sots Remount was created.

“Bots Sots” is a Crow term generally held to mean “heap good”. This, combined with the rich equine history of the Absaraka (the area from just north of present day Casper Wyoming to Miles City Montana and the Dakota border to Billings Montana), were the inspiration for the Bots Sots Remount.

The Bots Sots Remount seeks to build upon rich equine history with a sale that brings together the best horses from an array of disciplines. Offering elite rope horses, polo ponies, charro horses and ranch geldings, the Bots Sots Remount promises to be the most unique sale in America today.

Make plans now to be in Sheridan Wyoming on June 2, 2018! Check out some of the other horses available below and see them all HERE.




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