Weaver Braided Rope Halter by Riding Warehouse……

Braided halters, also known as mule tape halters, have a unique look to them. They’re usually constructed of durable materials that last forever. They’re quite popular for their wide range of colors and designs. Some have beaded or leather nosebands, while others have a stunning ombre pattern.

Beautiful Braided Halters

Perfect for your western horse, these bronc style halters have vibrant colors and a custom noseband. The little dragon is seriously too cute!

How about a lariat version! These sold by Hustle and Home are gorgeous.

Simple yet beautiful, these halters have an attached leadrope that is also braided.

A beaded noseband is the perfect touch! What do you think about the black and animal print design?

Looking for a little extra? This isn’t your ordinary braided halter. The noseband has a fancy braid to really catch your eye.

These are just a small selection of halters available. You can custom order one with your favorite colors or horse’s name. The options are endless!