Carlile and Parton at the Newport Folk Fest. Photo Credit: @mulographynyc……

Visions in embroidered burgundy and yellow, Brandi Carlile and Dolly Parton performed side by side at the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island this past weekend.

The pair’s rendition of Whitney Houston’s iconic tune, “I Will Always Love You,” echoed from the stage as fans reveled in the sound of the unexpected country duo.

About the performance, Brandi Carlile said she’d “never been so close to losing it onstage” than singing with Dolly Parton. “This moment will be with me forever,” says Carlile.

The women shared their love on social media, featuring videos and photos of the performance, friendly smooches, and caring hugs.

Here’s the full performance of Brandi and Dolly’s “I Will Always Love You”: