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RFD-TV’s The American kicked off today, and breakaway came out strong! The breakaway arena record was broken not once, but twice during the first night of The American 2020 by Jade Kenney and Mia Manzaners.

In the first breakaway run of the night, Jade Kenney broke the arena record with a 1.99.

Just minutes later, Mia Manzaners ran a 1.94, surpassing Kenney’s record!

Eight athletes will advance to day two of the rodeo:

Miz Manzaners – 1.94

Jade Kenney – 1.99

Katie White – 2.01

Kelsie Chase

Jackie Crawford – 3.06

Taylor Munsell – 3.13

Kaycee Hollingback – 3.21

Ashley Moreau


Not in Arlington this weekend? You can stream RFD-TV’s The American here:

Wishing these ropers luck tomorrow for the second day of The American.