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Breakaway roping is quickly becoming one of the fastest and most exciting events in rodeo and we’re here for it! There isn’t a better feeling than reaching out, seeing a perfect loop curl around a calf’s neck, and having your horse slide to a stop. We’ve found some of the best breakaway ropes to keep catchin’ necks and cashin’ checks.


Rattler Ropes

$51.17 on Amazon

Made by World Champions, for champions! With results as fiery and eye-catching as the color, this rope is a sure winner. This four-strand rope is specifically designed for breakaway ropers and allows you to feel the full body and tip from the very first swing- no breaking in required!


Cactus Ropes

$46.00 on Amazon

Get your loop out there! With the power and stability of a tsunami, your loop will feel more balanced and open. We love this product for its balanced loop from the first swing, yet it is still snappy enough to deliver those clean, quick catches we all crave.


Rattler Ropes

$53.20 on Amazon

Watch out! This rope is deadly accurate and ready to strike at the winner’s circle. This five-strand coil swing’s sharp and produces a snappy, quick catch. Sharp and reliable, a must-have for your tack room!


Fast Back

$65.12 on Amazon

Powerful in pink! With an enhanced poly core, this product delivers on its durability. This makes the Athena a reliable choice in a variety of weather conditions and perfect for year-round use! This stable rope will produce a consistent, open loop to get you those dreamy, snappy catches every time.


Rattler Ropes

$60.97 on Amazon

Smooth like butter, this rope glides out of your hand and strikes with power for a sharp snap. We love this product for its dependability and sharp delivery- the perfect loop for all setups!

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