cpra breakaway
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The Canadian Professional Rodeo Association is pleased to announce the addition of Breakaway Roping for the 2020 rodeo season as an optional event.

Individual committees can choose to add Breakaway Roping to their event roster at 2020 rodeos and beyond in the same way existing CPRA optional events – novice bareback, saddle bronc, bull riding and junior steer riding – may be added.

“We’re excited to have Breakaway Roping on board,” noted CPRA President, Terry Cooke. “It’s great to see another opportunity for girls and women to compete. As well, rodeo committees have an additional event option, fans will enjoy the fast-paced action and the CPRA can look forward to welcoming new members.”

The event itself is open to female rodeo athletes of all ages – as long as they hold a current CPRA membership.

For more information visit www.rodeocanada.com.

*The information within this release is provided by the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association (CPRA).