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XFactor Roping and world champion breakaway roper, Jackie Crawford, teamed up to share the calf-catchin’ techniques that have led this cowgirl to so much success!

Whether it’s building a loop, elbow position, delivery, or any other part of putting together a perfect run, there’s something that can be learned for all levels of breakaway ropers in these videos.

Breakaway roping is the fastest growing sport in rodeo and the competition is more fierce and competitive than ever before.

One of Crawford’s favorite quotes says, “luck is when preparation and opportunity meet.”

Step up your game and practice with purpose! Give these videos a watch!

Building The Perfect Loop

What is the best loop size for your breakaway roping?  Is your spoke the right length? Watch this video to find out as Jackie Crawford explains the best way to build a winning loop!

Breakaway Roping Elbow Position

If you’re looking to improve your breakaway roping then look no further than Jackie Crawford. Watch this video as she explains what it means to actually drop your elbow and the correct position you should have it.

Breakaway Roping Throwing On Your Second Swing

Being fast in the breakaway is all about being comfortable with letting go of your rope. Check out this video of Jackie Crawford as she discuss ways to improve your ability to stay balanced and consistent at throwing your rope fast.


All videos are courtesy of XFactor Roping. For more roping training with instructional videos, highlights, and slow motion videos from the best ropers in the world, click here!