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A woman competes in breakaway roping at The Ranch at Rock Creek.

Breakaway roping is a highly popular rodeo event for cowgirls. Many women choose to compete in this fast-paced sport rather than barrel racing. Sadly, breakaway roping, despite it’s popularity, has been overshadowed…but not anymore!

Thankfully for female ropers everywhere, the WCRA has decided to give cowgirls a chance to showoff their roping skills, “Until now, Women’s Barrel Racing has been the predominate professional women’s rodeo event, despite the popularity of Breakaway Roping. This unprecedented move will give women athletes more opportunities, including the ability to compete for big-money payouts and the potential that a woman could hold a professional All Around title for the first time.” – Official WCRA Statement

WCRA is moving fast, and cowgirls will soon be able to rope for large sums of prize money, “Starting Wednesday, May 23rd, breakaway ropers can register and begin using the WCRA Virtual Rodeo Qualifier (VRQ) to start qualifying for the WCRA $500,000 semi-final event scheduled in November at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK, followed by the first WCRA $1 million rodeo in Sacramento, CA, in January 2019. Additional 2019 WCRA large-payout events will be announced at a later date.” – Official WCRA Statement

What do you think about this huge milestone for women in rodeo?