breakfast sandwiches


Make breakfast a meal worth waking up for in the morning. Breakfast sandwiches can fuel your day for success. Bring on the carbs, meat, and eggs!

This chorizo and egg breakfast sandwich is topped with pepper jack cheese and avocado.

Recipe and photo by Haute Pepper.

When bagels meet the panini maker you get bagel paninis. The panini maker gives the bagels a nice toasted finish that isn’t overdone.

Recipe and photo by The Charming Detroiter.

Good bread makes the sandwich every single time. A bacon and egg breakfast baguette is baked in the oven until the eggs are cooked and the bread gets nice and toasty.

Recipe and photo by Create – Celebrate – Explore.

This sandwich is ready for spring. Try a gouda grilled cheese with asparagus, bacon, and fried egg. It’s the ultimate breakfast or brunch meal.

Recipe and photo by Spices In My DNA.

Burgers for breakfast?  When they have bourbon bacon jam, cheddar, and egg the answer is of course.

Recipe and photo by NeighborFood.  [/tps_header]