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Brenda Cay takes us deep into her emotions in her new EP “Love or Dreams.” It starts slow, with a song about a long 50-year love story ending at the man’s death bed. Through all of the ups and downs along the road, they always figured out a solution to fix their problems.

A couple of songs later, the mood is lifted with a more upbeat “Drunk On Country Songs.” It’s the perfect sing-along song about one hell of a combo: drinks and country music. Brenda brings her EP to an end with some more emotions with “Talk About Nothing.” This song is highly relatable, as it talks about being with that special person that no matter the topic of conversation, it’s always a good one because it is with that person you can spend all day talking about nothing with. 

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Of her new EP, Brenda says, “‘Love or Dreams’  is an emotionally charged EP about love, loss, and moving on. It makes me think of lines from Patty Loveless’ “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye. Life’s about changing. Nothing ever stays the same.” 

“Every song on the EP deals with change in its own way,” she explains. “It runs the gamut from being “Drunk on Country Songs” (after suffering a break-up), to having a child move away to pursue their dreams (“Wherever You Are”), to the angst I feel when leaving even temporarily to pursue my own dreams (“Love or Dreams”).”

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