Breyer Horses

Many have fond childhood memories of Breyer Horses. These realistic model horses are quite popular among horse lovers. From stable accessories and child play toys to holiday collectibles and famous horses, there’s something for everyone no matter what your age is! So, what makes them so popular? Find out!

It begins with Breyer’s commitment to making the most authentic model horses in the world. Each one is a carbon copy of a real life horse. The company is well-known in the horse industry.

For some, it may be a way to get closer to horses, especially if they can’t own a real one. For others, collecting has become a hobby for them. There are also ways to custom design your Breyer. It can be tons of fun letting your creativity and artistic abilities show.

Fans from around the world gather at BreyerFest once a year. This convention is a celebration of these truly spectacular model horses. It’s three days of real life horses and their model counterparts. A horse lovers dream come true!

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