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Brianna Noble and her horse, Dapper Dan have been circulating the media. On May 29th, this cowgirl decided to join the crowds of thousands in the Oakland, California area to protest the death of George Floyd. Noble is a long-time equestrian and owner of Mulatto Meadows, a horse facility in California. Instead of sitting back and ignoring the situation, she took to horseback!

The 25 year-old hadn’t planned to ride her horse in the protests. She mentions, “I was just pissed, sitting at home and seeing the video of George Floyd. I felt helpless and thought to myself: ‘I’m just another protester if I go down there alone, but no one can ignore a black woman sitting on top of a horse.’”

“I know that what makes headlines is breaking windows and people smashing things,” says Brianna. “So I thought, ‘Let’s go out and give the media something to look at that is positive and change the narrative.’” Noble hoped to paint a better picture and steer the media away from the riots and looting.

Ultimately, this cowgirl set out to make a lasting impact, one that would be heard. Aboard her horse, she proudly speaks up for the black community and against police brutality.

You can follow her on Instagram @urbancowgirl510!