Courtesy of Brianna Tucker Photography……

Cowgirl 30 Under 3o alum, Brianna Tucker, styled and shot these photos inspired by iconic movies!

“I can’t really pin point where the idea for this shoot came about. I was kind of just talking one day and brainstorming about different photo shoot ideas and I believe that the Wizard of Oz was the first movie I started with. From there I thought of what some iconic movies are that we could modernize and westernize.

“I didn’t want the outfits to look costumey, but for you to be able to get who the characters were and what they may look like in modern society. Thankfully our boots fit right in with all of the movies that I wanted to show case. Luckily I was able to find great models who embodied the characters so well. They really helped bring the characters to life. Our graphic designer did an amazing job of editing the photos for Wizard of Oz that really makes it look like you stepped into Emerald City.

“Wizard of Oz and Clueless were shot on SMU campus, Grease was shot at a Diner in Dallas called Lucky’s, and Hocus Pocus was shot outside a nearby cemetery. I personally styled all of the models as well with wardrobe from Amazon and we had a hair and makeup artist.

“We made TikToks/Reels to go along with each series as well that was a lot of fun. I plan to continue to do this every year as our product line continues to grow and with new movies. I already have some in mind.