Curated by: Jenna Link
Featuring: Wonderwest by Boot Barn
Photography by: Boot Barn | Bridal Boutique: Lovely Bride| Wedding Dresses: Rue De Seine 



SINNER WESTERN BOOTS, $219.50, Idyllwind,

A beautiful gown may steal the show, but the right pair of white wedding boots brings the whole ensemble together. There is something so undeniably chic about walking down the aisle in all-white, literally from head to toe. A pair of white wedding boots is the perfect combination of cowgirl style and tradition, while embellishments add an element of your own personal style.

1) BERNADETTE WESTERN BOOTS, $299.99, Dan Post, 2) ALMOST FAMOUS, $795, Double D Ranch by Old Gringo, $795, 3) Wild Hair Silver Charo, $420, Lane Boots, 4) Pearl Snow White, $299, Ariat, 5) WHITE FLORAL OVERLAY BOOTIES, $288, Corral Boots,


BLUEBELLE WESTERN BOOTS, $189.50, Idyllwind,

Although it is perfectly fine to stick to tradition, many brides like to mix things up, especially when it comes to their wedding boots. After all, they’re a fun way to exemplify your personality and complement—or contrast—your wedding dress to express your unique style. Whatever the material, color, embellishment, or inlay, these cowgirl boots will make quite the statement.

1) NIGHTHAWK, $295, Lane Boots, 2) BLOW OUT, $899.99, Old Gringo, 3) STYLE # C3834, $276, Corral Boots, 4) Backwoods Barbie, $870, Double D Ranch, 5) TERLINGUA,  $335.95, Blackstar Boots,


STARLIGHT WESTERN BOOTS, $249.50, Idyllwind,

A pair of authentic cowgirl boots will have you walking down the aisle in true cowgirl fashion. No matter what type of boot you choose, whether it be leather, roughout, exotic, or cowhide, it is certain to enhance your bridal ensemble with a touch of Western flair.

1) WHITLEY, $224.95, Justin Boots, 2) CASANOVA WESTERN BOOT, $264.95, Ariat, 3) HARMONY WESTERN BOOTS, $199.50, Idyllwind, 4) AUBREY, $319.50, Black Star Boots,