Wedding Horses

This special day can be made even greater when brides and grooms decide to include their horses in the wedding. What better way to celebrate your future together than with your equine friend by your side! From riding in on a noble steed to having a petting zone with a cute mini, there’s plenty of ways to include your favorite horse or pony.

Take a look at these gorgeous weddings!

Light and bright, this picture speaks a million words. The bride is clearly grateful that her best friend got to be apart of this special day.

Such a sweet moment between a bride and her best buddy! Would you have your wedding in a horse stable?

Picture this… your flower girl walking down the aisle with a little pony in tow. How cute!

A western style wedding speaks to many cowgirls. What about you?

This horse couldn’t get enough of the bride and groom. He definitely wanted to be included!

The best part about having your horse there is the incredible pictures you can take!

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