Photos courtesy of Desert Dandy Photography……

Kaylee Billingsley hopes to join the ranks of being one of few female rodeo producers. She is on her way after producing the first Broncs and Breakaway last month in Willcox, Arizona. Kaylee is a fourth generation cowgirl with a long lineage of bronc riders, both male and female, in her family history. 

The idea for the Broncs and Breakaway event came about because Kaylee knew contestants were unable to compete as much due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so this gave her the opportunity to test her skills as a producer. She always wanted to put on an added money jackpot so her friends and family could get together to visit and compete. She originally wanted to put on a bronc riding jackpot due to the cancellations of so many rodeos, but saw the opportunity to include breakaway roping. 

Kaylee is a breakaway roper, however bucking horses have become her passion. One of her plans for the future is to turn the Broncs and Breakaway into an annual event or a series with four or five matches, then a finals in November. Kaylee recognizes that sponsors are vital to the success of any event. Her sponsors stepped up and she was able to award prizes to the top contestants in each event, and has plans to increase the added money each year. 

Photo courtesy of Desert Dandy Photography

During the PRCA rodeo season, Kaylee is Flankman and Chute Boss for Salt River Rodeo Company, alongside her uncle Jerry Dorenkamp. Her favorite job, although less glamorous, is being part of the feed crew because she enjoys spending time with the livestock before and after performances. 

Kaylee plans to continue working for Salt River Rodeo Company as well as continuing to compete in breakaway roping at the highest level. Her goal is to have a bucking horse of her own at the NFR the same year that she competes in the breakaway. Being able to flank her horse and rope a calf in the same performance on the biggest stage rodeo has to offer would be a dream come true for Kaylee. Keep an eye out because she’s one to watch on both ends of the arena!