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When sitting down and chatting with Shea Fisher to chat about her new single, “Imagine,” you would never believe how busy the mother of 2 truly is. Besides being a mother, which alone, is a full time job, Shea has been working on new music, a new fitness program, and so many other projects, all from the rodeo road. A true Jack (or Jackie) of all trades!


Written nearly 8 years ago, Shea said the song was written in a time before she met now husband, Tyson Durfey. She was looking for a stand-up guy to really show her what a quality partner, husband and father was. She wants the song to resonate with so many women that may not have found the one, but know not to waste time with those who are not worth it. The new single will have you singing along with the windows rolled down!

Shea Fisher’s new single, “Imagine.” Now available wherever you listen.

And do not fret, the video is in the works! When asked for any secrets about the upcoming video, Shea said it was“different.” A different style from other videos Shea has worked on, she was slightly hesitant to go forward. But after a little “what do you have to lose” chat from Tyson, she was onboard and excited for something new. We can not wait to see Shea’s new “Imagine” music video, coming out soon!

Before the video comes out, make sure to listen to Shea Fisher’s brand new single, “Imagine” wherever you listen to music.

Shea performing at the National Finals Rodeo. Photo courtesy Shea Fisher/ PRCA Greg Westfall.

It’s a Cowgirl Life

The Australian-born singer has always been a cowgirl. She was raised with horses in a professional rodeo family. Shea said, “I entered my first rodeo when I was three and I just grew up on the back of a horse.” She barrel raced and even rode bulls for a time! 

Although a horse back rider and bona-fide cowgirl in the traditional sense, Shea says “being a cowgirl is not necessarily about riding a horse, competing … Those things a cowgirl definitely can do but it is more in your heart.” 

Shea Fisher barrel racing, you go girl!

All Things Shea Fisher Durfey

Shea is a jack of all trades, and that is no joke. She wears many hats, and of course they are all very fashionable. Shea is a family woman, mother to Praise and Risyn, partner and wife of Tyson Durfey. She is also a singer, songwriter, fashionista, model, fitness guru, entrepreneur, oh man I am running out of breath.

Shea is the owner of both Shea Baby Boots, bringing you adorable foot wear for your cow-kids. Shea Baby Boots even has unicorn boots, how cute! She also owns Shea Michelle Buckles, a metal-smithing company specializing in custom trophy buckles. Shea Michelle Buckles And Designs Wins The Design Game, always. Shea is also working on a new self care project, complete with nutrition, work-outs and more.

Shea Michelle Buckles, (left), Shea’s new work out program coming soon (middle), and Shea Baby Boots, (right).

Rodeo Road

Shea joined us all the way from Deadwood, South Dakota! Her whole family packs up every summer and can be on the road for months at a time. With two young girls, this may sounds a little hectic, but life on the rodeo road is anything but boring.

Shea remarked that the life on the rodeo road is no different than life on the music road. Whether traveling to rodeos or concerts, she still spends months on the road in buses and travels thousands of miles. She even jokes that if Tyson is ever retires, he will be the one on the bus taking care of the kids while she is performing!

She even gave us a behind the doors look at there rodeo rig and road home:

The Fisher Durfey family rodeo rig!

Looking Forward

Much more is in store! New music, new videos, new fitness, oh my. We are a little too excited for a Shea (and whole Fisher-Durfey family) filled 2020!

Shea, husband Tyson Durfey and daughters Praise and Risyn.