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Left photo courtesy of @alliefalcon on Instagram. Right photo courtesy of on Instagr…

When decorating your house, don’t forget your children’s rooms. They can have rooms just as Western as the rest of your house, too. Let’s look at some inspo!

How precious is the turquoise crib with a matching picture frame?

All the boho vibes in this kiddo’s room!

Is it possible to fall in love with a room? Because I just did…

How perfect is this room for two little growing buckaroos?

Give me all the cowhide! Even this little cowboy loves it as Ali Walker says on her post, “I’ve cleaned Easton’s room 10x since the redo. He spends more time playing in here, than he ever has.”

Let all your kid’s cowboy dreams come true through their Western rooms! If you like home design, then you’ll love the inspiration from these kitchens!