There’s nothing like salty air and sandy shores!

Bucket lists are perfect for helping people accomplish goals and dreams that may have been otherwise overlooked. Grab a piece of paper and write down what you’ve always wanted to do with your horse. Need some inspiration? Start with these!

  1. Ride on the beach
  2. See a foal be born
  3. Help rescue a horse
  4. Try a new discipline
  5. Gallop across an open field
  6. Learn how to braid your horse’s mane and tail
  7. Receive a lesson from a master
  8. Save up and buy your dream saddle
  9. Vacation on a dude ranch
  10. Participate in a cattle drive
  11. Learn to rope
  12. Attend an equine dinner performance
  13. Ride a horse in another country
  14. Take a ride with a loved one
  15. Take an overnight trail ride
  16. Give your horse a massage
  17. See mustangs in the wild
  18. Teach your horse a trick
  19. Win a blue ribbon
  20. Watch every horse movie out there
  21. Create a shadow box to remember your horse
  22. Design a horse costume
  23. Ride in the snow
  24. Make your own horse treats
  25. Watch the sun rise or set at the barn
  26. Attend a summer camp
  27. Decorate a horseshoe
  28. Try horse yoga
  29. Have a sleepover at the barn
  30. See the Budweiser horses in person

Do you accept the challenge? What’s on your horsey bucket list?