Dun Buckskin
Dun Buckskin
A gorgeous golden horse. (PC: las – initially @ Flickr)

It’s a buckskin, no a dun…well, which is it? These two horse colors are very similar looking, but are actually different. The popular golden color with flashy black accents are stunning to the eye. It can be found in Quarter Horses, Mustangs, Miniature Horses, pony breeds, drafts, and many others. So, what’s the big difference between them?


This gene comes from a cream dilution on a bay horse. While it doesn’t affect the black hairs, it does turn the brown coat color into a golden shade. The color can be anywhere from a light tan to a deep gold.


Dun colored horses have the dun dilution gene. This affects all coat colors, not just bay horses. The dun dilution on a bay horse can make them appear nearly buckskin. On a chestnut horse, it creates a red dun coat color. Lastly, on a black horse you’ll see the color grullo or grulla. All dun horses have at least one unique characteristic, such as a dorsal stripe or striping on the legs.

The Quick Solution

Look for a dorsal stripe! If you see one, that’s a dun colored horse.

Both buckskin and dun are lovely colors.