Buckskin horse cowgirl magazine

If you’re like many equestrians, then buckskin is one of your favorite horse colors. This beautiful shade consists of a tan or gold colored body with usually a black mane, tail, and lower legs. There are variations within the color though!

How is a buckskin created?

This color is the result of a cream dilution gene on a bay horse. A few ways you can get one include breeding a cremello X bay, palomino X bay, and a buckskin X any color.

Buckskin horses should not be confused with the dun color. Learn more here: Buckskin or Dun: What’s the Difference?

There are also a few different variations. You can find dusty, golden, silvery, yellow, and sooty types.

Check out a few beauties!

This color can be found in English and western disciplines. This particular horse looks stunning in his western headstall.

These fancy braids are impressive on this warmblood. They’re ready for the show ring!

You can even find this tan color in wild horses.

With proper grooming, your horse can have gorgeous dapples like this handsome fellow.

What do you say… does this color win for being the most beautiful?

Find out more at the American Buckskin Registry Association!