Photo by: Nikki Moller……

Are you looking to build an affordable round pen? Consider using pallets! Most can be picked up for free or a few dollars. Imagine having your very own round pen for training and riding. Every farm needs one!

Pallet Round Pen

United Ranch on YouTube created a four part video series on how to build a round pen by using free pallets. His round pen is 50′, which is great for training!

Part 1: Here’s the introduction to what you can build!

Part 2: In this video, you’ll be shown how to organize and prep your free wood.

Part 3: Support brackets will make your round pen more secure.

Part 4: Got some extra pallets? Make an entrance sign!

You’ll have to put in some hard work, but the end result will be well worth it! You can even get fancy and create an entryway sign like shown in the videos.

Pallet projects are great for those looking to save a few dollars. There are plenty of things you can build for your farm. Some ideas include fencing, stalls, a tack trunk, and equipment holder. For more clever ideas, check out 6 Creative Pallet Projects For Your Farm.