Photos courtesy of Photography by Tricia Butler……

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How cute is this little bull fighter and bull rider photoshoot with the Zebu?! This is definitely something that will be remembered for years. Kids grow up way too fast!

Photos courtesy of Photography by Tricia Butler

The bull fighter is Taysom Daniel of Alabama. He’s the grandson of a prominent auctioneer so I’d say this lifestyle is in his blood! The bull rider is KJ Womack of Georgia who also comes from a long ling of cowboys before him!

Photos courtesy of Photography by Tricia Butler

“The Zebu is a 2 year old family raised pet. He was named Lucky because he was born on the coldest night of 2019 and was found the next morning cold and stiff. My parents spent 2 weeks nursing him back to health, teaching him to suck and reminding him he was a bovine and not a person. They named him Lucky once they decided he was going to actually make it.

Photos courtesy of Photography by Tricia Butler

“The same day of the bull fighter vs. bull rider shoot my daughter wanted to do some with her pony. This pony is qualified for the pole bending at the Jr. American coming up in March. He’s an amazing athlete qualifying for the Jr. American against big horses, but he still loves to buck. The pony’s name is Eastwood and he’s a legend in the southeast as he’s the only pony that competes in the Georgia HSRA.” -Tricia Butler

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