Burlap Bovine.……

Burlap Bovine, aka Malorie Walker, is the bovine-obsessed COW-girl we all need in our lives. Unquestionably, Malorie creates adorable cowhide and leather accessories that we need in our jewelry boxes pronto, or if you are like me you need them in your overflowing semi-organized jewelry pile.

This cowhide connoisseur styles her favorite animal in to all forms of wearable art. She always hand crafts each piece in to the perfect rustic accessory, fit for any farm gal get up. 


Malorie’s herd of happy heifers includes earrings, bracelets, scarf slides, necklaces, essential oil holders, keychains and so much more. Each piece has a unique personality and style, with so many options to choose from!


As if the cowhide and leather bovine boutique items were not enough, she has styled a whole line of customized and cozy sweatshirts and shirts featuring her whole herd.

Every heifer in Malorie’s herd has a name, personality and distinct style. Find Cleo (a personal favorite), Wilma, Bluey, Holly and Esmeralda as stickers so that you can bring your spirit bovine wherever you go.

This little lady is Holly, the newest to join the herd!

Malorie’s creative flair makes her herd unique, fun and perfect for any cow loving lady. To find Holly, her bovine besties, and your new favorite cowhide accessories, check out the Burlap Bovine shop!

Burlap Bovine’s whole herd. From left to right Wilma, Cleo, Bluey, Highland, Esmeralda.