Barn Fly Headdress Shirt, $87.44

Move out of the way guys, because the ladies are rocking the pearl snap now and lookin’ better than ever. We no longer have to wear baggy, unflattering, unisex button downs if we don’t wanna! Women’s western wear has come a long way. Designers are pulling together tops that fit a woman’s curves while adding patterns and detailing that any woman would want to wear.

We know you’ve got to look good when your in the arena, but these shirts are cute enough you could pair them with a tulle skirt and heels if you are in the mood for a retro cowgirl look while your out and about in town!

Tasha Polizzi Yosemite Top, $379

Turquoise Embroidered Western Shirt, $130

Warrior Shirt by Tasha Polizzi, $119

Wrangler Rasberry Retro Shirt, $32.78

Barn Fly Trading 4 Arrows Shirt, $87.44

Panhandle Chambray Denim Shirt, $38.38

Cruel Girl Plaid Roll Purple Long Sleeve, $49.99

Ryan Michaels Navy Long Sleeve Shirt, $139

Gypsy Soule Live Out Loud Rockmount Button Up, $149.95


Panhandle Slim Embroidered Yoke Snap Shirt, $88


Wired Heart Embroidered Western Shirt, $44