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You’ll never forget your first horse! They’ll always have a special place in your heart. If you want to remember this time as positive, then it’s important you do your research. Buying a horse isn’t easy even for experienced equestrians. This advice will get you started in the right direction!

Tips For Buying Your First Horse

  1. Ask an experienced rider to come along. Not everyone in the horse business is truthful. You don’t want to miss subtle signs of health issues or behavioral problems. Your experienced trainer or friend will likely pick up on these things.
  2. Never buy on impulse. The excitement is real, but try to refrain from making rash decisions. It doesn’t hurt to come back a second time!
  3. It’s a good idea to take a look at a few horses. And while the first one may be your favorite, you’ll want something to compare them to.
  4. Take lots of pictures and videos to show your instructor or trainer, especially if they can’t come along.
  5. Handle the horse on the ground first. Before they saddle up, you should watch the horse in the field, coming in and being groomed. It’s essential to get a feel for the horse’s behavior in the barn and pasture.
  6. The seller should ride the horse first! Don’t trust the seller when they say the horse is quiet and well-mannered. You’ll want to see it for yourself.
  7. Find out about the horse’s history and experience. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions!
  8. Pay for your own vet to come out and look over the horse. Also known as a pre-purchase exam, these can be helpful in identifying soundness and health issues.
  9. Ask for a two-week trial. Not every seller will agree to this, but a trial can be very helpful. You’ll see the horse’s true colors.
  10. A signed contract is a must! It would be nice if everything could be a handshake deal, but that won’t protect you in court.

On top of these tips, you’ll want to have the proper facility lined up for your new horse. You should also consider taking riding lessons on them.

Happy horse shopping!