Bye Bye Insects by Spalding,……

For 44 years Spalding has perfected insect control. Their easy to use, natural solutions have changed the horse owner’s defenses. Their new insect spray, Bye Bye Insects, is no different. This principally essential oil insect repellent can be used on horses and humans and every bottle has a pleasant floral and peppermint fragrance.

Essential Oils

For many years, the top selling Pyrethroid-based sprays have out performed all natural solutions. The essential oil-based sprays could never stack up to the synthetic chemical pesticide sprays. But do not be fooled by the “Essential Oils” tag from Spalding. These oils are kicking butt and taking names. The primary oils include geraniol (from Rose and Geraniums), Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemongrass and Citronella. All of these primary ingredients have been used for centuries are included on the EPA’s minimum risk ingredients list.

In addition to these oils working to protect your horse from insects, Bye Bye Insects leaves a lasting perfume. Those essential oils work hard to protect against insects and leave a florally-peppermint aroma behind. Even in my outdoor pen, you can smell my horses, and that is finally refreshing!

A Little Goes A Long Way

Just a little spray can take care of any big job. The spray comes as a concentrate and can be diluted depending on your insect situation or horses’ sensitivity. It is recommended to start small and increase depending on your specific situation.

You will immediately smell the spray and that is finally something to look forward to. You can even use Bye Bye Insects on yourself at the barn or at home. By comparison Pyrethroid sprays are not registered for human use.

Bye Bye Insects by Spalding,


For my outdoor pen, I kept the concentration pure and applied a light spritz all over both my horses. The Arizona heat creates an ideal environment for insects and smell, two things I battle year-round. One of my horses even has had skin sensitivity issues but that has not been an issue with the essential oils. Overall, I have easily incorporated Bye Bye Insects into our daily routine.

Spalding has done it again. Brought a simple, yet extremely effective botanical solution to the horsemen’s and horsewoman’s hand.

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