c lazy u ranch cowgirl magazine

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains on 8,500 acres of ranch land for travelers who are passionate and interested in the dude ranch lifestyle and horsemanship practices is C Lazy U Ranch.

Colorado’s premier luxury guest ranch getaway welcomes outdoor-loving and like-minded souls to experience true Western hospitality, including world-class accommodations, limitless year-round activities, and thoughtful programming. With its core programming anchored in horsemanship and horseback riding, the ranch periodically offers immersive specialty events that allow guests to hone their skills and embrace their inner cowgirl/boy.

Beyond these unique clinics detailed below, there’s more fun and relaxation to be had at C Lazy U, including time to take in the incredible vistas, indulge in self-care at the Lazy You Spa, and enjoy various on-ranch amenities during the warm days and cool nights of the stunning fall season.

Women in the Rockies (September 12-16, 2021): A popular women-only, wellness-focused adventure, Women in the Rockies at C Lazy U Ranch allows guests to focus on connecting wellness goals with mindful living strategies, nature, and horses. Led by Duke-trained integrative health coach Janet Solie, PA, MS, the retreat is a life-changing adventure that offers undisrupted time with professional coaches and space to create a companionship with a designated horse. The mornings are filled with horse-related activities including grooming, groundwork, and trail riding, while the afternoons consist of short meditations and workshop activities focused on each guest’s personal wellness goals.

Ranch Riding Adventure (September 16-20, 2021): C Lazy U Ranch and renowned horse trainer Julie Goodnight host an incredible Ranch Riding Adventure. The co-educational program offers guests multiple riding sessions throughout the days, which include practicing trail obstacles, cattle sorting, and guided trail riding. 

Horsemanship Immersion (October 21-25, 2021): Designed for insatiable learners who are passionate about horses and are looking for an immersive experience to elevate their horsemanship skills to new levels, C Lazy U Ranch’s Horsemanship Immersion is a co-educational program led by Julie Goodnight. It includes daily riding lessons, hands-on workshops, demonstrations on science-based training techniques, seminars on horse behavior and herd management, and more.

What are you waiting for? Grab your gals and enjoy a weekend in paradise!