Cabins have always been iconic in the cowgirl world…but, what about cabiminiums? Before you decide that this new trend sounds too complicated, learn more about it!

Speaking to Country Living, Karen Cleghorn said, “A cabiminium is a single-family structure and is similar to a condominium. Where the owner of a condo owns everything within the interior walls of the unit, with a cabiminium, the owner owns everything around the footprint of the exterior of the building. The rest is common area and maintained like a condominium.”

If you’re still on the fence about this new trend, these pictures will change your mind.

Those floors though!

Who wouldn’t want to have a room as cozy as this one?

Another shot of the open kitchen.

If you’re a person who loves hosting parties, this setup is a dream!

If you’re not sold by this, you aren’t ever going to be. This is perfection.