If you don’t already have enough cactus decor in your household, try cactus tapestries!

Decorating can be expensive. A couple hundred dollars here and there really adds up quickly. Once you’ve spent your money on furniture there isn’t much left for the walls. Large scale art can get pricey, luckily there are affordable options. Tapestries won’t break the bank. Urban Outfitters has some trendy southwest options that will cover up those bare walls.

Wilder California Prickly Pear Tapestry, $39.

Tapestries make a great alternative to a headboard or piece of art behind the couch.

Bree Madden For Deny Desert Times Tapestry, $69.

Tapestries are perfect for covering up eyesores in a rental. I used one to cover up a set of ugly rental blinds.

Cactus Landscape Tapestry, $49.

Use color to dress up neutral decor.

Cactus Terrarium Tapestry, $49.

The next time expensive art seems out of reach, try a tapestry.

Bree Madden For Deny Desert Flower Tapestry, $69.