Homesteads and high camps. Wet saddle pads and warm blanket coats. A dusting of snow sweetens the memory of a hard day’s work, imagined among the rusted bones of a ranch reclaimed by Mother Nature.

Photographed by Ken Amorosano

Styled by Carly Scholl – Hair and Makeup by Julie Koeth

Turtleneck by Deletta, $68, anthropologie.com; Sweater, $70, and Skirt, $40, both at ranchoestancia.com; Blanket, $109.95, rhondastark.com; Ring, $14.99, montanasilversmiths.com; Leather stamped bracelets, $20 each, alliefalconcommunications.com; Braided leather bracelet, $118, johnnywas.com; Reins (worn as belt) and tack, stylist’s own.