hangry cowgirl magazine

It may be true that all horses live to eat, but some of them get really hangry when they want food. Eating is the only thing on their mind 24/7. You don’t want to cross a hangry horse! They’re pushy, demanding, and a pain to be around.

In case you’re not familiar with the word hangry- it means to be so hungry that you’re moody and angry to the people around you. Horses can experience it too!

A Good Strategy for Hangry Horses

  1. Feed smaller portions, but more frequently. Instead of one or two big feedings of hay or grain, try to break them down into three or four smaller ones.
  2. Try a high fiber hay that is limited in other nutrients. Some owners worry if they overfeed hay that their horse may gain too much weight or run into other health issues. Make sure you know the type of hay you’re feeding.
  3. Slow feeder nets to the rescue. These slow your horse down and limit your workload. For those that can’t make it out to the barn throughout the day, slow feeder nets will stretch out the hay.
  4. Utilize a track system and spread out your hay throughout the field. The Paradise Track System encourages your horse to move throughout the day and seek out their food. It keeps them busier for longer!
  5. And lastly, teach your horse to be respectful if they want to eat. Never reward a hangry horse by giving them food when they’re bullying you.

Make sure you also consult your vet. Your horse may have an underlying medical issue that makes them extra hungry and moody.