cam classic
Cam – “Classic” Single Artwork. Photographer: Dennis Leupold.……

Cam has announced the October 30th debut of her second record, The Otherside. Ahead of the release, the California-born singer-songwriter also unveils her new song “Classic.”

“The tune is a high-energy ode to timeless romance and lasting friendships, seasoned with nostalgic references to a bygone era, from Johnny and June and Bette Davis, to big yellow taxis and “your best friend’s mixtape.” Garnished with Cam’s irresistible charisma, “Classic” serves up the aural equivalent of a sunny summer cocktail.”

“Jack and I caught something in the air that day and ran with it,” said Cam.“The track is so much fun. Jangling guitars, claps, it feels like when a group of familiar people get back together over the holidays, clanking around after dinner with too much wine, and amidst the chatter and laughter and closeness they are really telling each other, deep down, just how much they love each other.”

Listen to “Classic” below:


“Classic” follows the release of recent tracks “Till There’s Nothing Left” and “Redwood Tree.” The Otherside will be released via Triple Tigers/RCA Records.