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Canty Boots are the perfect solution to revamping your old cowboy boots! They are unique just to you, and cute as can be!

“Boots have been a staple of fashion and imagery for years. They get better with age and they are best when the work has been done; when they are broken in. Canty Boots are vintage boots broken in for you; each pair is made to be unique and eye catching.

“Yes, Canty Boots are a labor of love. We search for high quality boots and belts. We match the boots and belts according to what we like and what we think others will like. We will paint, stain, cut, sew, shave, pound, drill, and carve, to make the boots perfect. Our goal with each pair is to bring home compliments for the wearer.

“We travel all over to find boots and belts and they come in every size, shape, and color imaginable. We truly feel that we can make anyone happy because the possibilities are endless. We are very picky about the boots that we buy. We like to hold them, bend them, put our feet in (if the size allows), smell them (seriously) and inspect the stitching and the heels.” – Canty Boots

These are showstoppers if you’ve ever seen some! That red snakeskin is sure to catch some attention.

Can’t get enough of this metallic turquoise!

Tired of your old Corrals? Reinvent them!

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