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“Our story began long before the birth of Capitan. From pre-internet days of traveling sales to show boots across the country to the early 2000’s opening of our own factory in Leon, Mexico and forming global partnerships with the finest master craftsmen of our time, you can say we’ve been around the block.

“”What happened to real cowboy boots?”

“Over time, retail prices climbed on big name western and work boots with quality suffering to lower cost and increase margin. Corners were cut in construction and materials to price boots to cover million-dollar marketing budgets and multiple markups along the way. Customers ending up being the ones to pay the price with boots 2-3x more expensive than they should be. 

Here’s what we’re doing about it:

“We are bootmakers and craft authentic western styles with classic quality and premium features. Using our network and relationships to invest in high quality materials we are able to pass the savings directly to you.

Quality boots at an incredible value

“We believe in making boots that last and this starts with the best raw materials available. Top quality leather components, time-tested construction techniques, and innovative features that don’t exist elsewhere at these prices. We make the finest boots for your buck, bar none.” -Capitan Boots

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