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Caps Off For The Class Of 2020

Western makers making the most and bringing joy to the class of 2020!

May 22, 2020

There is no denying that graduation for thousands of high school and college seniors will be unlike anything before. Many ceremonies are cancelling, restaurants are closing and parties will be scarce. My heart goes out to the class of 2020 that will not receive the formal attention for their achievements. You have worked hard, you have busted your boots, but please remember to go out in cowgirl style!

The class of 2020 will persist through digital ceremonies and social distancing graduation parties. You will continue to bigger and better things. There is no telling what is in the future for the class of 2020, for the thousands of cowgirls that deserve to be celebrating.

And what better way to celebrate than with creative western makers making the most out of the celebration of the class of 2020. These companies are putting their talents to the test to bring a little joy back to the graduating class.

Burlap Bovine (@burlapbovine)

Kasey Jean Leather Designs (@kaseyjeanleatherdesigns)

Whiskey Bound Leather Co. (@whiskeyboundleatherco)

Magpie West Leather Co. (@magpiewestleatherco)

We can’t wait for you to show off your graduation style, and caps off to the class of 2020! You did it!

Cowgirl Hotlist
Our Newsletter to your inbox every week!