tim cox fine art cowgirl magazine

There is nothing like having some of the finest Western art on display in your home. What makes Tim Cox‘s paintings unique is his ability to capture priceless moments of Western life. Being out on the ranches, he absorbs every detail of what he and others are doing so that he can go back to the studio and document the modern cowboy and cowgirl, as he has done for 36 years.

While most of his time is consumed by painting, Tim regularly rides and works on various ranches throughout the West. He combines the basic ingredients of color, value, perspective and pleasing design with his desire to be a perfectionist in portraying the real working cowboy.

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“As Good As It Gets”

“As Good As It Gets” is of our son Jake and daughter-in-law, Carmin when they were engaged to be married.”

“Date Night”

“When my son Jake and his wife Carmin got married, I did a painting of them called “As Good As It Gets.” So, when my daughter Calla married, I wanted to do one of her and her husband Justin. When they were courting, a lot of their dates were riding and working their horses, and that continues today.”

“Peace of Mind”

“There are many things that are essential to arriving at true peace of mind, and one of the most important is faith, which cannot be acquired without prayer.” ~John Wooden

“Glorious Freedom”

“I thought of something my grandmother told me when I was a boy. With love and longing in her eyes, she said that she missed how she felt when she would ride her horse, full out running, flying; the wind blowing through her hair and the freedoms she felt. I thought of my granddaughter and how she lives to ride and race her horse, Glory.”


“When my friends ask how many horses I need: 1 horse, 2 horse, roan horse, sorrel horse, new horse, old horse, 3 horse, 4 horse.”

Each piece is available in Limited and Open Edition Prints, Posters, Artist’s Proofs, Canvas Transfers, and Giclées. They also carry small and large calendars for your home or customizable gift options for your business.

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