You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘no hoof, no horse’. Riders need to practice smart hoof care, especially if they want to keep their horse healthy and performing well. It all begins with the amount of exercise, the environment they’re in, the quality of their nutrition, and if they’re receiving regular maintenance. If you want good hooves, then follow this advice!


The more your horse stands in a stall the worse off they are. A horse that receives regular turnout is likely to have better circulation in their hooves than an idle one. You’ll find a lot more problems in those that live a static life.


A dry hoof is a healthy foot; however, a wet environment can also be handled. Your biggest problem is when the horse experiences wet and dry environments continuously. It’s typical for a horse to go from a wet field to a dry stall or to receive baths multiple times in a week. These are the ones that experience problems in the hooves.


This is more than just regular appointments with the farrier. Owners need to be checking the hooves daily and picking them out. They should be expressing their concerns with a professional farrier and working to correct them through trimming and even shoeing.


A healthy diet is very important for keeping your horse’s hooves in good shape. It starts with the inside! Sometimes, it’s necessary to add supplements when you feel as though the hooves are weak or brittle.

For more smart hoof care tips, check out this video!