Carmel Valley has a distinguished and undeniable charm about it that is apparent to anyone who crosses its threshold, making the location the ideal spot for a luxurious resort catering to those guests whose love for the finer things in life is only matched by their love of the great outdoors.  So it’s a good thing Carmel Valley Ranch is filling that need for travelers looking for a cozy place to rest their heads, as well as an exciting adventure to satisfy their restless spirits.  The resort defines itself as a haven “dedicated to the idea of play”, and they certainly live up to the idea.  With endless activities and accommodations, guests are encouraged to unbridle their sense of adventure and let their passions run free.  They quite literally have something for every type of person seeking unique experiences during their time in Carmel. Fancy yourself a fitness nut? Try out the hilltop Tai Chi classes or the guided wilderness hikes through the scenic valley surrounding the resort—and don’t miss out on a round of golf on the Ranch’s very own championship golf course!  Are you a rest and relaxation guru?  The infinity pools, tree swings, and friendly bocce ball games are yours to enjoy at your leisure, not to mention the top-notch Spa Aiyana, one of the finest spas in California.  And for the incurably curious, the resort offers cooking classes with renowned chefs, wine tastings from their very own vineyard, horseback riding and the chance to don a beekeeping suit and engage with the Ranch’s honeybees who make their delicious honey from the lavender on the grounds.  And don’t even get us started on the activities and programs available for children…your kids will never want to leave!  Trust us, Carmel Valley Ranch is truly a playground paradise.