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Carrie Underwood has released her much-anticipated new single, “Ghost Story.” Written by Josh Kear, Hillary Lindsey and David Garcia and co-produced by David Garcia and Carrie Underwood, “Ghost Story” is a fresh, contemporary take on a revenge song, but instead of smashing headlights, this scorned lover is telling her ex that she will continue to haunt him no matter how hard he tries to forget her.

“‘Ghost Story’ was written for me by David Garcia, Hilary Lindsey and Josh Kear, and I feel like they just nailed it when they got together to write,” Carrie explains. “I’ve worked with all those incredibly talented writers a couple of which, I’ve worked with since pretty much the very beginning. I feel like they just know me so well.”

She continues, “The song is hauntingly beautiful, has a really wide range and amazing melody and just tells this really cool, cinematic story of how this guy is never going to be able to let go of the girl he let go of because she’s just always going to be haunting him. He’s going to see her everywhere. He’s gonna want her back but she’s moved on – sorry man. (laughs) I loved this song, I loved recording it. It’s challenging vocally, but I like that. I feel like it’s just a really awesome song and I’m glad they got together to think of me while they were writing one day.”