With his wife, Mehgan Carroll, sculptor and former bull rider Dustin Carroll founded Carroll Spur Company. Originally, Dustin’s idea was a gift for his dad, but later expanded into a business. “I knew he’d always wanted a pair of custom spurs,” said Dustin. “I started with rasp, but it was so restrictive. So, I took a different approach. I decided to create the spurs that same way I create my sculptures.” 

“Looking back, the first set wasn’t my best work, but he loved them, wore them everywhere. He was working out on the oil fields out in North Dakota at the time. Pretty soon, I had all his friends and friends of friends calling me and asking me for set.”

Carroll Spur Company specializes in custom spurs, handcrafted jewelry, and tack hardware. Carroll Spur products are inspired by real cowboys, cowgirls, and ranchers across America. Each piece is unique, rugged, and handmade.

“We’re not just making and selling our products, we’re using them too. I see a lot of people on social media commenting on our spurs things like “too pretty to wear” or “I’d be afraid to get them dirty.” I make them because I want to provide our customers with a high-quality set of spurs, the ones that they can leave on their boots and then pass down to their children. How they look is just an added bonus.”

Shop Carroll Spur Company online at carrollspurco.com.