All photos courtesy of Natalie McFarland, McFarland Productions.……

The western industry is full of talented makers, including Catie Kershner, owner of Kershner Custom Silver. Natalie McFarland recently did a photoshoot with Catie that highlights some of her work, and the results are stunning! Read Catie’s story, as told by her, and enjoy this beautiful series of photos.


“I grew up in Jordan Valley, Oregon, which is a tiny ranching community in the very southeastern corner of Oregon. A town of less than 300 people.  My family ranches there raising cattle and a few goats, much to my father’s dismay! The agriculture industry, western culture, and lifestyle are very much a part of who I am and my history.”

“I got started scratching silver in 2010 when I took a class. My family is big on having some way to provide extra income for ourselves. Self sufficiency and independence is very important to us. So I took the class and thought I’d keep going and make a few things here and there, maybe someday making it something more.”


“Since that initial start up into silversmithing I have failed, got back up, failed again and kept pushing forward. I took a few more silver classes, got help from some amazing silversmiths near me, and my silver began to show my hard work.”


“Now here I am, 8 years later with this little side hobby being so much more than a hobby. Not only has it turned into a pretty successful and fulfilling business but also has served to promote the western culture and lifestyle.”

“As a business owner with a full time “town job” as I like to call it, it is hard! My silversmith shop is 95 miles away from where I work during the week. My weekends are spent in the shop creating, building and my week nights are spent packaging orders and working all the behind the scenes parts of the biz.”

“Since I can only be in my shop on the weekends, that means I have to try to be my most productive self during those 2 days in the shop. The business owner’s work, it’s never ending! But anyone who owns a small business knows all of the late nights and sacrifices are ultimately worth it.”