This special day only comes around once a year! Why not celebrate your horse’s birthday with a fun treat. They may not recognize the day for what it is, but they will appreciate your kindness nevertheless. It can be a simple or grand gesture!

Your Horse’s Birthday

  1. A tasty treat: Head to the kitchen for this one! You can cook your horse a yummy feast with some basic ingredients like apples, molasses, and oats. Some recipes call for baking, while others just need ingredients mixed together. Your horse will be so excited to try your masterpiece.
  2. Spa day: Many horses enjoy being brushed. Instead of riding, grab your rubber curry and get to work. Not only will your horse be squeaky clean afterwards, but they’ll feel great.
  3. Hire a massage therapist: If you want to really reward your horse for their hardwork all year, then buy them a massage. This present will leave them relaxed and feeling their best.
  4. A barn party: Get some of your barn buddies together to throw a birthday bash for your horse. This party should have tasty treats, their favorite herd mates, and a few presents like a jolly ball or new brush.
  5. Quality time: Let your horse know how much you love them with some special one-on-one time. Hand grazing, for example, can be a great way to bond. Your horse can munch away on grass while you brush them.

If you don’t know your horse’s exact birth date, feel free to make one up. It can even be the day you bought them! Any day is a great day to celebrate your horse.