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It’s Mother’s Day weekend! In honor of one of the best days of the year devoted to our hard-working mothers, we wanted to take a look at some of our favorite songs about moms, from the classics to some of the newest releases.

Add these to your Mother’s Day playlist for a joyous celebration all weekend long!

The Classics:

Dolly Parton – “Coat Of Many Colors”

But how often do we think of Dolly Parton’s classic as one of the best country songs about moms? This song about making something out of nothing and inspiring your kids to be more than just the sum of their parts is really special.

Taylor Swift – “The Best Day”

Now that she’s grown, Swift wants to be sure her mom knows that the best days were spent with her: “Now I know why all the trees change in the fall / I know you were on my side / Even when I was wrong / And I love you for giving me your eyes / Staying back and watching me shine.

Carrie Underwood – “Mama’s Song

Underwood’s Grammy-nominated “Mama’s Song” tells her mother that she found a man that “treats her little girl like a real man should.” Plus, it’s a real-life story for Underwood, who married Mike Fisher; both he and Underwood’s mom are featured in the song’s music video.

Sugarland – “Mother”

“Mother” is a celebration of mothers and how they keep the family together. Sugarland member Kristian Bush released the song to honor his mother after she passed away.

 Jamie O’Neal – “Somebody’s Hero”

Jamie O’Neal’s “Somebody’s Hero” praises moms for doing the everyday things they need to in order to protect their family, giving them the heroic label so many deserve.

Anne Wilson (Featuring Hillary Scott) – “Mamas”

Christian country singer Anne Wilson sings of all the reasons God made mothers in her hit song “Mamas.” From always being there and encouraging their kids not to give up, to reminding them they are not alone, the catchy tune is an ode to mothers everywhere.

Kacey Musgraves – “Mother”

The song is about Musgraves missing her mother and thinking about how the potential time spent with her is slipping away. The short but brilliant track featured on her award-winning album, Golden Hour

Lauren Alaina – “Like My Mother Does”

“Like My Mother Does” was recorded and released as the debut single by American Idol season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina. Alaina sings about the many different ways that she is just like her mom. It’s a beautiful dedication to the person who had the biggest influence on her life.

The New Favorites:

Erin Duvall – “To Be Here”

‘”To Be Here” is such a special song to me. My children were so involved in the whole process and were my entire inspiration. From the different phases in my life I have experienced with them, to their giggles that inspired my melody, to their tiny voices that weave throughout the song, it created beautiful symmetry to the song. We wanted a whimsical approach that feels like love floating around and wrapping you up in a safe place because that is what being a parent is all about.”

The Dryes – “Mama’s Do”

“This is for all the mamas who show up for us day in and day out. Our mother’s love and prayers have gotten us through when we haven’t had the words ourselves,” share The Dryes. “This song represents all the memories of what motherhood has looked like from our perspective, and we are blessed to have amazing women in our corner, rooting us on in every part of our life.”

Nicole Witt – “Breathe Mama”

“Breathe Mama” is a particularly warm and authentic song written about Witt’s 17-year-old daughter, Ashlyn, as she approaches her high school graduation. Witt’s bittersweet lyrics look back on the beautiful journey of watching her little one grow up and reflect a mother learning how to let go and allow for her daughter’s self-exploration.